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Real ADHD Treatment and Advice – Minus The BS & Lies

The truth about ADHD Treatment…

When you talk to someone about ADHD you’re libel to get an earful about how ADHD doesn’t exist, or how it’s some disease made up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell more medications, or how ADHD is really just an excuse for people who are lazy and don’t apply themselves. Or you might hear stories about how it’s a result of bad parenting, or just an excuse for parents to drug their children instead of taking care of them. On and on it goes, more mythology than reality.

It seems that ADHD is something that everyone has an opinion on, and unfortunately, most of the people who have an opinion about it, don’t have a freaking clue what they’re talking about–this includes parents, teachers, Joe Blow down at the tavern, your hairdresser, your dear Aunt Mabel, and yes, even doctors (sometimes especially doctors!)

So for those reasons I created this site…

If you want to know more about me personally, read my “Who am I and why should you care” page. Or if you just want the quick version here it is:

I’ve got ADHD, I’ve tried all sorts of medications, herbs, supplements, exercises, therapies, techniques and “alternative” therapies, to deal with it. I’ve read about every book out there about it. I’m a “brain geek” and studying how the brain works is my hobby. I’ve been a co-moderator of an adult ADHD support group for the past several years, where I’ve talked to literally hundreds of people with ADHD and heard all of their stories and experiences about living with ADHD, ADHD treatment, what’s worked for them and what hasn’t; and I’ve also talked to and/or seen presentations by many great doctors, educators, authors, therapists, and others who work in the field of ADHD.

Combine all of that together and I think you’ll agree that I have a pretty unique perspective on ADHD treatment –both conventional and “alternative”, and I’ve certainly got the most broad-based and far-reaching “stable” of things that I cover.

So I’ve put it all together and talk about what really works for treating ADHD–period. I’ve tried not to be biased towards or against anything in particular. I’ve tried to outline what the facts and the evidence show actually work, combined with what I have personally found to work, and combined that with what I’ve learned from the hundreds of people at our ADHD support group.

I’ve try to sort through and eliminate all of the BS, lies, misinformation, scare-tactics, and other crap that is so prevalent in this industry, and that’s what this site is all about.

And yes, thanks for asking…I did write a book about it 🙂

So…to that end, if you’re curious about the truth about ADHD and ADHD Treatment, (or any other “Attention Issues” whether you’ve been formally diagnosed or not), please watch this free presentation.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and that it helps you in your ADHD treatment journey.

Keep rockin, don’t give up, and keep learning about your ADHD so that you can have the most awesome life possible!

Best of luck to you!