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ADHD Action Guide

By Brad On April 7, 2011 Under ADHD

An ADHD action guide?
That’s what The Attention Handbook is!

There’s so much confusing information about ADHD, and frankly, a lot (if not most) of what you’ll find on the internet about ADHD is just BS. People have all sorts of opinions about ADHD and from what I’ve seen, most of them are just uninformed people running off at the mouth about things they simply do not understand!

That’s one reason I decided to create an ADHD action guide–to tell people THE TRUTH about what ADHD really is, how it really affects people, and what really works for treatment.

How do I know these things? Well, first, I have ADHD myself and have spent years and years trying to first, figure out what the hell it was, and second, figure out how to deal with it so that I could lead as best a life as possible. So I’ve tried a ton of things myself, both conventional (meds and therapy) and non-conventional (supplements, alternative treatments, meditation, exercise, and on and on.)

Then there’s the ADHD support group that I co-moderate every month. In that group I’ve spoken to hundreds of different people with ADHD and I’ve heard directly from them what works, what doesn’t work, their frustrations and their successes.

Also at our ADHD support group, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, talking to, and seeing presentations by many of the leading doctors, therapists and authors in the field of ADHD research and treatment.

So those things give me a pretty good and well-rounded background from which to write an ADHD action guide.

What makes The Attention Handbook so unique and helpful is that it combines the personal experience of myself and hundreds of other people, plus the latest science and research, along with a healthy dose of non-medical ADHD treatments and solutions. As far as I know, there’s no other book out there that combines all of these things together.

As far as ADHD action guides go, The Attention Handbook is pretty unique if I do say so myself 😉

You can click here to watch a short video presentation and discover what The Attention Handbook is all about.

Hope to see you on the inside!

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