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Who Am I And Why Should You Care?

Hey friends,

There’s a lot of lies, misinformation, paranoia, and conspiracy theories about ADHD out there.  So why should you care about what I’ve got to say and how can you know if it’s true or not?

Here’s just a bit about me…

I’ve been involved in the ADHD world for several years now, both as one who’s living with it, and as a co-moderator of an adult ADHD support group.

I started getting treated for my ADHD when I was two years old (by a doctor who didn’t know what he was doing, prescribing meds I had no business taking). I stopped taking medications when I was about 13 or 14, and then for the next 25 years or so, I “forgot” that I had ADHD.

My life was falling apart and I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea that my ADHD (and other things like depression and anxiety) were the root cause.

Fast forward all of those years…then through a strange twist of fate, I “rediscovered” that I had ADHD!

From that point on I read nearly every book on ADHD that I could find, plus dozens of other ones about the brain in general. I tried all sorts of treatments–medical, non-medical, nutritional, and many other “alternative” treatments and methods.

And for the past few years I’ve been co-moderating an adult ADHD support group, where I’ve talked to hundreds of people affected by ADHD and learned from them what tends to work and what doesn’t and also heard their frustration of dealing with doctors, insurance, schools, etc.

Then there’s also the doctors, therapists, and other practitioners that I’ve had the pleasure to meet, talk to, and see their presentations.

And finally, there’s all of the “alternative” things that I’ve tried myself over the years.

Combine all of that together and I think I have a pretty unique perspective, and certainly the most broad-based and far-reaching “stable” of things that I cover.

I’ve put it all together and talk about what works. I’ve tried not to be biased towards or against anything in particular. I’ve tried to outline what the facts and the evidence show actually work, combined with what I have personally found to work.

So…to that end, if you have any interest in ADHD or other “Attention Issues” , please download the book and read it over.


Brad Thomas