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Archive for the ‘ADHD’ Category

ADHD Medications Truth About Heart Failure & Sudden Cardiac Death

By Brad On April 26, 2011 No Comments

I made this video as a response to a very misleading video on youtube. The video was filled with a lot of scare-tactics and flat out lies about a particular study by

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ADHD Facts & Lies – Clearing Up Misconceptions About ADHD And Its Treatment

By Brad On April 22, 2011 No Comments

I was watching one of the most popular videos on youtube about ADHD. It was fun and entertaining, but it was quite wrong and/or misleading about the real facts about ADHD.

So I

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Difference Between ADD And ADHD

By Brad On April 8, 2011 3 Comments

The short answer to the question of “what is the difference between ADD and ADHD?“, is that officially the term “ADD” no longer exists! It was abandoned by the medical community in

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ADHD Action Guide

By Brad On April 7, 2011 No Comments

An ADHD action guide?
That’s what The Attention Handbook is!

There’s so much confusing information about ADHD, and frankly, a lot (if not most) of what

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ADHD Action Guide