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Archive for the ‘ADHD In The Real World’ Category

Student nearly fails out of college because of refusing ADHD treatment

By Brad On April 18, 2011 No Comments

This is a story about a young lady in our ADHD support group.

She was very intelligent and always did very well in school. (Though, we learned later that it was always a struggle for her to complete her work and do assignments.)

She was accepted into one of the top 5 universities in the US, but when she started attending college that’s when her ADHD caught up with her, her world started falling apart, and she nearly failed out of college.

(We see this pattern quite often…a child can live OK with their untreated/undiagnosed ADHD because they have a strong family support system (usually the mother) who does almost everything for them. Then when they leave home, that support system is not there anymore, they have to start surviving on their own, and then their whole world collapses in upon them. That’s when so many people realize that they have ADHD.)

Actually, we

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