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Archive for the ‘Alternative Treatments For ADHD’ Category

ADHD, Horses, And Equine Therapy

By Brad On April 6, 2011 No Comments

This is definitely a new one for me. Treating ADHD with horses!?!

I found this story on psychcentral entitled “Equine Therapy and ADHD: How It Works“.

The story had some interesting theories about why it works (assuming it does). They say that a person’s hyperactivity is interpreted by a horse as “repressed fear”. A horse normally runs when it’s scared, but since its herd member (the person) doesn’t run, the horse will stay put to keep the “herd” intact. And then the horse will start “provoking” the person to get them to express their “repressed fear”.

It seems to me this theory makes a lot of assumptions about horses and humans.

I am by no mean a “horse person” but I did grow up in the country and I have known quite a few horses and horse trainers.

As far as I know, most horses aren’t really that interested

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